Lunch – Smoked Wings

Lately, I’ve been after some wings.  This past Saturday, I picked up a pack of the super duper, organic, raised by Tibetan monks, lead a life of luxury type wings at Wegmans.  This morning, I went outside and lit a chimney full of charcoal, dumped that in the bottom of the smoker, and added a bit more on top.  In hindsight, I didn’t need the “bit more”.  Oh well, live & learn.  I really liked doing the wings because it required almost no attention whatsoever from me.  I lit the coals, adjusted the vents once, assembled, pulled, then ate.  My total time actively doing stuff, apart from eating, was maybe 10 minutes.

I ran the WSM without the water pan in place, dropped a chunk of hickory on top of the fully ashed over coals, and assembled the cooker.  The wings were rubbed with the Weber Kick’N Chicken rub and put in place.  I ran the smoker hot so the skin would be nice & crispy – 350F.  About an hour later, I went out and checked the wings.  They registered 163F, so I pulled them.

I sauced them with a mixture of 1/2c Frank’s Hot Wing Sauce and 1/3c wildflower honey.  I think next time, I might do less of the wing sauce.  Maybe a 50/50 split to tone down some of the heat.  They were fantastic.

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