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Bookmarklet Overdrive


Bookmarklets rock.  They’re great timesavers, and a worthy addition to your browser’s bookmark bar.

So, what’s a bookmarklet?  In short, a bookmark, typically constructed with JavaScript that does a specific task.  For example, emailing some data via your favorite webmail provider, or checking Bugmenot for a login to a site you don’t really want to register for, or generating a shorter URL for a site.  Here are the ones I keep around.  Hopefully you’ll use some of them.  To grab them, mouse over the link and drag to your browser’s bookmark bar.  I recommend you make a folder on your bookmark bar and toss your bookmarklets in that folder (that’s what I do).

Here’s the breakdown of my favorite bookmarklets…

Google Services

Google This: Select some text on a page, click the bookmarlet, blammo – you’ve got a Google search for the selected text.

Google Images: Select some text on a page, click the bookmarlet and you’ve got a Google Image search for the selected text.

GAppMail This: Send the selected text via Google Apps for Your Domain Mail. You’ll need to edit this one to change out yourdomain.com for what your domain name actually is.

Gmail This: Send the selected text via Gmail.

Google Cache: Pull up the Google Cache version of the currently loaded page.

Google Map This: Select an address, get a Google map of it.

Geocode: Get the Latitude & Longitude for the center of a Google map.

Google Translate: Translate the currently loaded page into English

Web Development

Show Divs: Show the <div> areas on the currently loaded page.

ReCSS: Reload CSS for the currently loaded page.

W3C HTML Validator: Run the currently loaded page through the W3C’s HTML Validator.

W3C CSS Validator: Run the currently loaded page’s CSS through the W3C’s CSS Validator.


Acronym Lookup: Lookup an acronym in the Internet Acronym Database

Urban Dictionary Lookup: Lookup a selected word in the Urban Dictionary.

Social Networking

Del.icio.us Linkbacks: Show del.icio.us links to the current page.

Compulsory Login Bypass

BugMeNot: Lookup usernames & passwords for various sites.

URL Shorteners

DiggBar: Uses the new DiggBar for URL shortening.

Cli.gs: Uses the Cli.gs shortening service.