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Spring Playlist – Cover Tunes

playlistSo, in the last week or so, my wife & I watched all 13 episodes of Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why. One bit that stood out for me was the music.

The show features a great mix of old favorites, like The Call, The Alarm, and Joy Division, with a dash of some new stuff, some of which was alright (though I don’t really see myself rocking out to Selena Gomez, ever), along with a couple of great covers.  Those covers include Chromatics’ version of Neil Young’s Into the Black, alongside Roman Remains’ haunting version of The Killing Moon, by Echo & The Bunnymen.

As I heard old faves like Love Will Tear Us Apart, The Stand, and Fascination Street meshed with covers of other songs I love, I started pondering other covers that I love, and it hit me. That new Spring playlist was back-burnered in my mind would consist solely of cover songs. So last night, I sat with my Mac open, rifling through iTunes in search of cover songs in my library. Such diversity in styles, this should be a good Spring.  Or, at least a reminiscent one, if nothing else.

I’m sad to say, not all of these songs are available on iTunes or Spotify. Take Ben Folds’ version of Doctor My Eyes, for example. That cut is only found on the soundtrack to the 2002 Film, The Banger Sisters, which isn’t available on iTunes, Spotify, or Amazon Music. Or how about Foo Fighters’ take on Baker Street, which only seems to exist as the B-side on the 1998 promo release for the single, My Hero. I bring these up not to pretend to be so much more clued in to music than you (believe me, I’m not – I’m no Matt Ralph or Tim Bock). I’m just trying to save you some legwork.

At any rate, hopefully you enjoy some of these songs, I know I will. They will most assuredly be playing on my phone this week while I’m on the train.